Rose Quartz Platonic Solids in Wooden Keepsake Box 'Venus'

Rose Quartz Platonic Solids in Wooden Keepsake Box 'Venus'

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Plato described these structures and related them to a theory of the cosmos. It is for this reason that they are known as Platonic Solids. He believed that these regular polyhedra had metaphysical symbolism and related each shape to a particular element. This is a set of five Platonic Solids which include The Tetrahedron (Fire), Cube (Earth), Octahedron (Air), Dodecahedron (Spirit) and Icosahedron (Water).
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Online Crystal Shop Information about Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink healing stone and is known as the stone of unconditional love. It both attracts love to those who carry or wear it and teaches self love. Rose Quartz calms and heals the mind, allowing you to let go of worry and fear. It is good for healing old emotional wounds and prepares you for future love. It is a stone that encourages spirituality and helps link us with mother earth. Meditating with Rose Quartz feels like you are enveloped in pure love and helps us to trust in others again following an emotional hurt by dissolving the toxic emotions of anger and resentment.

Chakra: Higher Heart

Element: Water

Crystal System: Hexagonal

Hardness: 7

Colours: Pink

Zodiac Sign: Cancer


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