Clear Quartz Cluster with Soul Mate Formation 'AMBROSIA'

Clear Quartz Cluster with Soul Mate Formation 'AMBROSIA'

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This is a sweet little cluster with features a soul mate formation. The cluster measures approx 120 x 60mm. This is a facinating cluster which has a natural seperation on the underside to 75% of the lengh. Along this length you can see re-growth of new tiny crystals. The Soul Mate structure looks like the two points are giving each other a huge hug.

When you have two crystals growing out of the same base growing side by side they are known as either Twin Flames or Soul Mates. The Twin Flames can be of similar but not of equal length which are joined together at the base. They may grow side by side or at angles to each other. Soul Mates on the other hand are of equal length and grow side by side. They do not have to be perfectly aligned as one may be positioned lower than the other, but they are both of the same length and are joined at the base together.


Soul Mates: A soul mate crystal can attract a romantic soul mate into your life. A soul mate is generally known as ‘the love of your life’ but we can have several soul mates. A soul mate can be anyone with whom you have an unshakable connection at the soul level.

In some belief systems, a soul mate is one half of a whole unit of consciousness which has been parted or split into two for the purpose of spiritual evolution. Others believe that we can have literally hundreds of soul mates which form our soul group. It is a well know stone for improving telepathy and makes a superb meditation and channelling stone.


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Online Crystal Shop Information about Clear Quartz:

Clear quartz is known as the Master Healer and can really be used for any condition. It is a good crystal for meditation and strengthening spiritual connection. It is thought to enhance concentration and decision making so would make a great study aid. Clear Quartz is a natural energy amplifier and raises your spiritual vibrations attuning you to your spiritual purpose and allows a closer connection with your spirit guides. It would be a good choice for cosmic ordering as it amplifies your intent. Used in crystal layouts, it can amplify the energies of other stones.

Chakra: Soul Star

Element: Air

Crystal System: Hexagonal

Hardness: 7

Colours: Clear

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius


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