Dow Formation Point 'SPARKLE TIPS'

Dow Formation Point 'SPARKLE TIPS'

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This little ray of sunshine is named Sparkle Tips and has a Dow Crystal Formation making it a very special little find. The specimen measures approx 50 x 20mm and weighs approx 19g

Dow Crystals or Temple Heart

Quartz Crystals have six sides along their vertical sides. The Dow crystal formation features three seven sided facets with three smaller triangles in between each one giving the number of sides to be 7,3,7,3,7,3. This is the most complicated formation for Clear Quartz. The Dow crystal is the crystal of perfect light and physical form. The Dow crystal has the ability to access all planes of existance and can open and activate our higher chakras such as the soul star and stellar gateway. They strengthen our connection to the source.


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Online Crystal Shop Information about Clear Quartz:

Clear quartz is known as the Master Healer and can really be used for any condition. It is a good crystal for meditation and strengthening spiritual connection. It is thought to enhance concentration and decision making so would make a great study aid. Clear Quartz is a natural energy amplifier and raises your spiritual vibrations attuning you to your spiritual purpose and allows a closer connection with your spirit guides. It would be a good choice for cosmic ordering as it amplifies your intent. Used in crystal layouts, it can amplify the energies of other stones.

Chakra: Soul Star

Element: Air

Crystal System: Hexagonal

Hardness: 7

Colours: Clear

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius



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